"Act worthy of yourselves."         
- Dr. Joseph Warren, Founding Father         

Right Pride was founded in the fall of 2009 in order to bring a conservative gay perspective to the broad range of issues affecting all Americans. Working locally in Nevada, and affiliated with GOProud - the only national organization of gay conservatives and their allies - Right Pride hopes to represent a seldom heard voice in today's political landscape.

The common perception is that simply being gay requires one to subscribe to a liberal ideology, and defend the platform of the Democrat Party above all else. This is simply not reality. On issues such as the economy, national security and defense, foreign policy, and small government, many gay Americans lean to the right. Unfortunately conservative views are not generally accepted within the gay community, and those who hold them are often ostracized. For a community that so often preaches tolerance and acceptance, the Gay Left offers none to those who do not adhere to the values of liberalism.

Since its inception, Right Pride has worked diligently within Nevada's Republican Party to foster a better understanding of conservative gays and the issues on which we share common ground. Right Pride has been involved with grassroots operations in Southern Nevada, helping elect common sense conservatives who understand the values of a smaller, more efficient, and less intrusive government. We have met with hundreds of community leaders, including candidates seeking public office and elected officials. We have spread our message of limited government and personal responsibility through TV and radio appearances, as well as numerous print media outlets. Right Pride has worked within the gay community to help create a dialog in which ideas can be shared, discussed, and debated, with respect, friendship, and open-mindedness. We will continue to build relationships in Nevada and beyond, both within the gay community and the Republican Party.

Right Pride cannot succeed alone. As THE VOICE for conservative gays in Nevada, we need your help to achieve our goals. Join us at our meetings and events. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Let your friends know the importance of providing a voice to a growing and determined segment of the conservative movement. If you cannot support us in person, please consider contributing to our efforts financially. We may not agree on every issue, but we agree that America, and therefore Nevada, is better off when government allows its citizens the freedom to succeed and adheres to the principles our founding fathers set forth in the U.S. Constitution. Only then can we all be free to pursue the American Dream, and prosper free from government interference.

Thank you for your support.